The LaVerkin Planning Commission shall hold a public hearing on Wednesday, August 23, 2017, at 6:00 p.m., in the LaVerkin City Council Chambers, 111 South Main Street, LaVerkin, Utah, during its regularly-scheduled Commission meeting, to receive public input (for consideration by the Planning Commission for a recommendation for approval) with regards to the following:


1.       The revised Preliminary and Final Plats, and associated Amended and Restated Development Agreement governing the development of the property and establishing the criteria for allowing lots of less than 14,000 square feet in the R-1-14 zone, for the proposed Sunset View Estates development in northeast LaVerkin, located in the currently-undeveloped area east of 200 East, south of 460/500 North, and north of 200 North, and abutting the base of the hillside at approximately 250 East; known as Tax ID # LV-159-K-1 in the records of Washington County, State of Utah and legally described as:


BEGINNING AT A POINT NORTH 00°07'31" EAST 1317.22 FEET ALONG EAST LINE OF LOT 50 FROM THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF SAID LOT 50 OF THE LAVERKIN TOWN SITE RE-SURVEY, ENTRY NUMBER 204663, DATED 5-15-79, WASHINGTON COUNTY RECORDS, SAID SOUTHEAST CORNER IS ALSO THE SOUTH QUARTER CORNER OF SECTION 24, TOWNSHIP 41 SOUTH, RANGE 13 WEST OF THE SALT LAKE BASE AND MERIDIAN AND RUNNING THENCE N.89°45'58"E. 100.00 FEET; THENCE N. 34°31'06"E. 486.84 FEET; THENCE N.16°08'58"E. 596.16 FEET; THENCE WEST 320.00 FEET; THENCE NORTH 255.00 FEET; THENCE  EAST 320.00 FEET; THENCE N.00°13'00"W. 1185.27 FEET; THENCE S.89°47'00"W. 82.32 FEET; THENCE S.60°01'34"W. 59.08 FEET; THENCE N.64°20'14"W. 63.26 FEET; THENCE N.77°46'10"W. 90.66 FEET; THENCE N.86°10'13"W. 73.45 FEET; THENCE S.66°19'43"W. 54.50 FEET; THENCE  WEST 100.00 FEET; THENCE S.00°13'00"E. 644.63 FEET; THENCE S.89°52'29"E. 17.82 FEET; THENCE S.00°07'48"W. 149.09 FEET; THENCE S. 89°46'03"W. 16.92 FEET; THENCE S.00°13'00"E. 857.63 FEET; THENCE N.89°46'00"E. 108.05 FEET; THENCE S.01°13'00"E. 170.82 FEET; THENCE S.89°46'00"W. 46.35 FEET; THENCE N.72°08'00"W. 50.80 FEET; THENCE N.82°58'50"W. 57.20 FEET; THENCE S.00°07'31"W. 614.84 FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING. 




2.       Ordinance No. 2017-___:  An Ordinance amending Titles 10 and 3 of The LaVerkin City Code, relative to Bed and Breakfast Facilities and Vacation Rentals (collectively referred to as Short-Term Rentals) within the City of LaVerkin, and providing an effective date.


Copies of the proposed plats, development agreement, and ordinance are available in the office of the City Recorder at 435 North Main Street, LaVerkin, Utah.  Any person or group wishing to submit comments regarding this item may do so in writing prior to August 16, 2017.  Public comment may be given at the meeting.  Written comments should be directed to Kyle Gubler, City Recorder, LaVerkin City, 435 North Main, LaVerkin, UT 84745


In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations (including auxiliary communicative aids and services) during this meeting should notify Mr. Kyle Gubler, City Recorder, at (435) 635-2581


Certificate of Posting


The City Recorder does hereby certify that the above notice was posted on the LaVerkin City website, the Utah Public Meeting Notice website [] and the city office buildings at 435 N. Main and 111 S. Main on August 11, 2017


Kyle Gubler, City Recorder

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