Culinary Water

Recently a water quality report was sent out.  You can find a copy of this report attached below.


Unfortunatley water turn off's continue to be a problem and in an effort to streamline the process some minor changes have been made.

If you are behind we usually try and bring a door hanger on the Thursday before shut-offs.  Shut-off's are usually the third Tuesday of each month.  To be more efficient with our limited manpower, shut off's are now completed before the office opens on that Tuesday morning.  This means if you have not paid your bill on Monday before 5:00 pm your water will be shut off before you get the opportunity to pay.  We are not trying to create a hard ship but be as efficient as possible with our small workforce.

If you have any questions about the process please call the city offices at 635-2581 and we will be happy to explain the procedure.

Culinary Water Study
Water Quality Reports

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