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La Verkin C.E.R.T

What is CERT?

CERT stands for "Community Emergency Response Team".  The purpose of CERT is to educate, prepare and organize response teams that can be part of the solution in emergencies.

How does CERT work?

Members of our community, who are interested in becoming involved, can fill out a "Pre-Registration For CERT Training" form available at the City Offices.  Training courses conducted by the Utah Community Emergency Response Team Program are made available to those registered.  Some of the areas of focus during training are disaster preparedness, search and rescue, disaster psychology, fire safety and disaster medical operations.   The CERT group is then organized and available to assist during emergencies. And it Works!


In cooperation with each other and our police department and fire department, members of an organized CERT group learn how to prepare for emergencies the most effective way...before it occurs!

CERT doesn't require frequent meetings or a loss of privacy. Get Involved, consider joining our CERT program today.

To sign up for CERT Training you can click here and fill out the form.  You will be contacted when we have a minimum of fifteen (15) people signed up.


For more information or to sign up contact:
Rita Bice
Phone: (435) 680-1148 

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