Emergency Management

Emergency Operations Plan

 La Verkin City's Emergency Operations Plan is now available to view on this website and at the city office.  Please take a minute and check your 72 hours kits and make sure that they are up to date. You will find useful attachments below.

72 hour Kit Checklist 
Family Preparations Guide                

Emergency Plan
12 Point Preparedness Plan


Public Safety - Fire Prevention

Fire prevention and safety should be a priority for each member of our community.  Unlimited information is available on the internet that will help you become better informed on fire safety.  Training children and adults on the danger of fire is necessary and can be aided by the information made available with the following links:

Fire District Information

Controlled Burn Season

Our City has specific times of the year that permits can be obtained that allow residents to burn debris.  This is set by the State of Utah and usually runs from September 15th through October 31st, and then March 1st through April 15th.  In order to burn, you must obtain a permit.  This permit can be found at the link above.  This will take you to the St. George Police website.  You can fill in the information there.  You are still responsible for any reckless burning or any fire that gets out of control.  Thank you and be safe.

You can obatin more information on burn permits here during the season.

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