Public Safety Message

School has started so lets please watch for children on the streets and near the school.  Crossing Guards won't be there until 8:30 in the morning.  Please don't send your children there any earlier than 8:30.  Also please ask your children that ride bikes to try and ride on the sidewalk and not in the street.  We have some of the younger ones that will ride in the center of the street and that can create traffic problems in addition to being dangerous for your child. 

Thanks to all those that attended our meeting on 4-11-12 concerning the cougar issue. We received some good education and also some good advice on how to keep us a little bit safer. Some of the advice is listed below.

1- Be careful when you feed your pets. Let them eat then bring in the food. Don’t leave it out overnight because this can bait in the cougar.

2- Get and install motion lights. They will click on during the night when motion is detected and that will scare off the cougar.

3- If you come into contact with one make yourself as large as possible and make noise to scare it away. Don’t run away or turn your back on it.

4- Call into Dispatch every time you see one. The number is 634-5730 or 627-4300 and also during normal business hours you can call DWR at (435) 865-6100 to report a sighting.

 You can click here to get more information on this issue.

One of the things that we are working on will be city code enforcement. This can be a big challenge. Most of us understand criminal conduct and don't participate in that kind of activity. City code can be a different issue. We could be violating it and don't even realize that we are doing so. The Police Department is going to try and focus a little bit more on code enforcement issues. The first thing is to educate everyone as to what the problems are. We are going to initially focus on vehicles and parking problems. You cannot leave your vehicle parked in the same spot for longer than 48 hours if it is parked on city property. You cannot work on a vehicle while it is on city property unless it is an emergency. Our biggest problem is with trailers and other non-motorized vehicles being left on the city property for long periods of time. Please put those items on your own property. We will be putting notices on those non-compliant vehicles. If it persists in being a problem then we will have to issue citations or tow the vehicle. We really prefer not to have to do that to your vehicle. Thank you

The only consistent thing in this world is change and that goes for the sex offender registry. People get added on and others finsih their time and drop off. The Utah Department of Corrections website allows you to view those that are on the sex offender database as well as sign up to keep track of an offender if that offender should move from their current location. Please be aware that this information is to be used only for your knowledge and not to threaten, harass or intimidate the registerant or their families. You can click here to access the database.

There are many benefits to living in a small town. One of the drawbacks is when the wind blows, tumbleweeds seem to immediatley appear growing out of your walls and fences. I know that this is a huge frusteration. We have looked at the situation but we really don't have control over tumbleweeds blowing into peoples yards. We don't have the resources to remove them, the best we can do is try and address the situation while they are growing. This is really only practical on personally owned lots. We have no control over those areas outside of LaVerkin as well as those that are agriculture related. Current zoning ordinances do make the property owner responsible for weeds, debris, etc. on their property. This would include the tumbleweeds. I know it is frusterating to have to clean these up but we really do appreciate those of you that do. Thank you for your efforts.

We have access to a reverse 911 system. This system is county wide but we can activate it and use it here in LaVerkin. The purpose is to get information out quickly. Landlines are already on this system but if you have a cell phone or voice over IP system you will need to register it. The website is Once you are registered, when a message is sent out, you will receive a phone call with pre-recorded information concerning the situation. It will be based upon the location you choose as a residence. If that residence is in the notification zone then you will receive that information. If you already have a landline you can register your cell phone and receive that information while you are away from home.

Prescription drug addiction has long been a problem. People that would not normally use illegal drugs get hooked on the prescription drugs and it can ruin their lives just as much as the illegal drugs. There is a push to educate people as to the dangers that prescription drugs can have. If you will follow some simple rules this will help combat this problem.

1- Do not give any of your prescriptions to anyone else. This is actually a third (3rd) Degree Felony. It happens frequently but can be very dangerous.

2- Do not take any more medication than was prescribed.

3- Lock up your medications so they can not be stolen.

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We are now have two Facebook pages. One site will be where we put out news items from local, state, or national interest of a law enforcement nature. This will normally be limited to no more than three postings a week. You can go there and click on the like button to have this information sent to you. The other area will be more of a discussion area. There may be more opinion issues and cover a broader spectrum of issues. That area you need to request to be a friend and then you can post to that area. (Defense attorneys will be accepted as friends also. You may learn something and even wrong opinion's can be educational and entertaining)

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There has been a lot of fraud and identity theft issues. For more information or to file a report click on the links below.

Utah Identity Theft Report

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