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Welcome to LaVerkin City!

LaVerkin City lies on the north banks of the Virgin River opposite Hurricane City to the South, and Toquerville to the North. LaVerkin is centrally located in the heart of what is known as the Grand Circle, which includes Zion National Park (20 miles) Bryce Canyon National Park (106 miles) and Grand Canyon National Park (125 Miles). The LaVerkin Pah Tempe Hot Mineral Springs is located in the Timpoweap Canyon immediately south of the community. Early settlers and local Native Americans regarded the hot springs as a place for healing and relaxing, available to friend or foe.

LaVerkin is a remarkable little city with a history rich in heritage and unmatched community spirit. LaVerkin is known as the Beautiful Valley, because of its rich farmlands that filled the LaVerkin bench between the LaVerkin Creek on the west and the Hurricane Fault to the east.

LaVerkin's motto is "The Beautiful Valley: A Proud Past...A Promising Future". From the time the first settlers came to LaVerkin up to the present day, LaVerkin has been a great place to live. "LaVerkin is a friendly, economically vibrant and diverse community that provides opportunities for successful employment, quality education, relaxing retirement and active recreation. LaVerkin is a visually attractive and comfortable city that values its healthy, happy and safe atmosphere for residents and visitors"--all located in the magnificent scenic setting of Southern Utah.


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